Loki’s Psychology

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We’ll start analyzing a little bit the psychology of Loki. He is a very complex character, and he does look like he is crazy. However, he is more complex than that. What if he got that way just by his environment and just using his survival skills? What if he was too sensitive and the Asgardian environment was the soup to make him that way?

Let’s theorize.

We’ll start with the first Thor movie where we can see Loki as a baby, kid, and youngster. Let’s take a look to the baby Loki.

baby loki, loki

Loki was a tiny baby, for being a giant, and was left to freeze till death. However, Odin found him. The baby reacted to Odin, appealing, not to be thrown away. This “appeal” is inherent to all babies. They cry out in distress (and their cries make you mad, really, so mad that you have to do something to please them). Odin, brought the baby back to Asgard from Jotunheim, and decided to adopt it. So, him and his wife, Frigga, would be Loki’s new parents.

Loki is not as Asgardians are. Asgardians are bigger, look stronger (and are a little bit stronger than him), have healthy looks (he looks very pale, close to being sick), and are not very smart. Young Loki had a handicap: he was likely the nerd/geek guy in town. Thinner than the rest, paler than the rest, structurally weaker than the rest, but smarter than the rest. That is the home brew for a quite future angry geeky God. Asgardians did not have as much respect for him simply because he did not match the “brute stereotype” his brother Thor had, the perfect Asgardian. Poor Loki, for survival needed to compete, somehow, using something else: intelligence.

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